Sandi Mazibuko is a vivacious, driven and creative businesswoman, who have made her mark in the cut-throat industry of fashion. Amongst many other business interests, Sandi is also the Founder and mastermind behind her fashion label,FabroSanz, which has established itself a niche in the wardrobes of many fashion forward females in South Africa!


So fittingly, to say thank you to her loyal customers, she decided to open a fashion studio and boutique in Melville (2012), and moved to Norwood in 2015. She also opened a Durban branch is 2013 in the busy street of Glenwood. Sandi is also a Stylist
She has worked with few locals celebrities (DjZinhle, Jessica Nkosi,Khaya Mthethwa just to name a few.. she freelances for magazines and TV Commercials.


Her love for art and lifestyle does not stop only in Fashion. In this section you will get to experience all her passion that she has turned into business.

Add some African Print to your wardrobe with these items from House of FabroSanz, all accessories available at our store. Your office wardrobe dont have to be boring #TeamFRS

Please note the products below are not FabroSanz but sourced by MYSELF and sharing with you to Shop MY looks:)

There are trends i Do not want to add on FabroSanz as Fabrosanz believes in timeless pieces but at the same time the Fashionista in me can't resist some trends when i see them and i add my touch to them and make them part of FabroStyling pieces.

I will include more of my favourites like interior decor , fabrics that i love and lastly my love for technology, gadget that are usefull in running a business. I will share my knowledge of online business through workshops because i believe there is so much that we can do to market our businesses other than just having physical stores.

xoxo SM

If you love traveling just like me, you will be glad to know that i have joined amazing travel companies that puts together trips of a life time. They make sure you create great memories with best travel packages that will make sure you experience the best of each destination and wish you can stay there and not come back home:) oh and the most exciting part, with some of them you can get paid while doing ne? I will share some of my travel tips and favorite products while on the go. Below are some of my favorite places I have been to. Both locally and International. If you are interested in getting more info, please feel free to drop me an email so we can explore the world together xoxo.

IN-Charge Fabro - This is a project close to my heart. I have always loved helping other people (Friends /Family) but i think now is the time that i extend it to others. I get a lot of emails and FB messages, DMs about ladies wanting me to mentor them. I wanted to do this right, when i'm ready and believe that i have something to offer and ready to share my story which a lot of people do not know. Most people just know me via my FabroSanz (FRS-Fabulous Royalty Sandi). There is a story behind this and if you follow my journey you will soon know and hope you can be part of it.

You are In-Charge of You, dont be afraid to take the Reins

"IN-Charge Fabulous Royalty"