FabroSanz Creations

“FRS” Fabulous Royalty Sandi

This just sums up how we look at our creations and how we would like our customers to feel when wearing our garments. We treat each customer as Royalty and understand that we are all Queens and Princesses in our own world. We are a fashion house for the stylish modern day working women with an intricate eye for beautiful garments. Fabrosanz has not only increased a steadily rate of its client base, but has also captured the eyes of TV personalities.


The Designer

Sandi Mazibuko (Mabasa) is a vivacious, driven and creative businesswoman, who is swiftly making her mark in the cut-throat industry of fashion. Amongst many other business  interests, Sandi is also the Founder and  mastermind behind her fashion label, FabroSanz, which has established itself a  niche in the wardrobes of many fashion forward females in South Africa!

Thanks to word-of-mouth, months later, her unique creations have raised high demands from many, whose life ethos is ‘impeccable fashion sense. So fittingly, to say thank you to her loyal customers, she decided to open her first fashion studio in Melville on 7th street.

We have now moved to 1 Highlands North.